Amut thermoforming sheet line

Thermoforming sheets are getting thinner

  • Amut supplies to Russian Poly Er
  • 135 µm sheet thickness to produce disposable plates
  • Average weight tolerance: from +/- 0.1 g to +/- 0.2 g only

The company Amut has supplied its first in-line thermoforming machine to Russian company Poly Er. The in-line system is able to produce disposable plates in HIPS and GPPS with a weight of only 3 grams. The average weight tolerance of the plate is stated at only +/- 0.1 g to +/- 0.2 grams. Without stopping the machine, A/B, B/A or A/B/A sheet structures can be produced.

  • 52.500 plates/hour with 3 g weight, 165 mm diameter and 135 µm thickness
  • 34.500 plates/hour with 5 g weight, 203 mm diameter and 146 µm thickness

The line includes a raw material loading and dosing system for the single screw extruder EA100 (4 components) and for the co-extruders EA60 (2 components). The main extruder EA100 has a plasticizing capacity of 600 kg/h and is equipped with a vacuum venting system and closed-loop water control. The roll-stack, equipped with a thickness gauge system, assures a gradual and uniform cooling of the sheet to eliminate internal tension. The stack control at the entry of the thermoforming machine is carried out by means of both an optical measurement system and a highly precise dandy roll. Based on the PA 1000 model, the thermoforming unit has been optimized to handle thin and fragile HIPS material through a special transport system, heating oven and thermo regulation.


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