SPE announces winners of annual Thermoforming Conference Parts Competition

  • Awards presented in 20 categories
  • Also student parts competition
  • Here the complete list

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) has announced the winners of the SPE Thermoforming Division annual parts competition.

The awards were presented during the Thermoforming Division’s annual conference, held earlier this month in Atlanta, GA. They were presented in twenty categories as well as in a student parts competition. The Peoples’ Choice competition resulted in a tie and the award was presented to two companies.

Mobile Light Tower

Gold winner in the Heavy Gauge TPO category: Allied Plastics with its “Mobile Light Tower Enclosure.”

The categories and winners are:

    • “Peoples’ Choice.”
      Allied Plastics, for the “Mobile Light Tower Enclosure,” and Plastitel, for the “POD’S,” used for the Stryker Isolibrium bed.
    • Roll Fed Consumer
      – Gold. think4D, for the “Gillette Venus SwirlÔ.”
      – Silver. Placon, for the “Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall.”
    • Roll Fed Food
      – Gold. Plastic Ingenuity, for the “Sargento two compartment, yin yang tray design.”
    • Roll Fed Recycled
      – Gold. Innovative Plastech, for the “Half Pallet Sell-Stack 2L Soda Bottle Dunnage Tray.”
      – Silver. Plastic Ingenuity, for the “Clamshell housing for Flonase Allergy spray.”
    • Roll Fed Innovation
      – Gold. OMG, for the “Brick Wall Panel.”
    • Heavy Gauge Vacuum Form
      – Gold. Plastitel, for the “POD medical component.”
      – Silver. Medallion Plastics, for the “Aftermarket Hood Assembly for Ford F-150 Aluminum Body OE.”
    •  Heavy Gauge Pressure Form
      – Gold. SMI, for the “Operating Room Medical Device Assembly.”
      – Silver. Productive Plastics, for the “Diagnostic test machine.”
    • Heavy Gauge TPO
      – Gold. Allied Plastics, for the “Mobile Light Tower Enclosure.”
      – Silver. Brentwood Plastics, for the “Center Console Assembly.”
    • Heavy Gauge Value Add
      – Gold. Productive Plastics, for the “MRI Assembly.”
      – Silver. Kintz Plastics, for the “Top cover for medical laser unit.”
    • Heavy Gauge Innovation
      – Gold. Wilbert Plastics, for the “MRI Medical Enclosure.”
      – Silver. Medallion Plastics, for the “Class A Motorhome Dash Top with Automotive Style Stitching.”
    • Twin Sheet
      – Gold. Profile Plastics, for the “Air Duct for medical diagnostic machine.”
      – Silver. ATI, for the “Medical air duct device.”
    • Judges’ Award
      Wilbert Plastics, for the “MRI medical enclosure.”

Eight finalists were named in the Student Parts Competition. The student winners are:

First Prize: Kevin Langer, University of Wisconsin, who received a $1,000 award for the “Turtle Caddy.”
Second Prize: David Charlier, University of Wisconsin, who received a $500 award for the “Whirl” Rotating desk organizer.”

“Over 30 parts were submitted to this year’s Parts Competition and the SPE Thermoforming Division is extremely pleased with the quality and quantity of the submissions,” noted Matt O’Hagan, 2015 Parts Competition Chair.

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