Kiefel presents the new Speedformer KMD 90

  • Max. forming area 865 x 915 mm; cutting force  850 kN
  • Dry-cycle speed max. 40 cycles/min
  • Suitable for PS, OPS, PP, PE, PVC, PET, PLA and CPET
  • Speedformer at #NPE2015

Kiefel will demonstrate the new pressure forming machine Speedformer KMD 90 at the upcoming #NPE2015. The machine features a maximum forming area of 865 x 915 mm, a cutting force of 850 kN and is suitable to process a wide range of materials, including PS, OPS, PP, PE, PVC, PET, PLA and CPET.

Special features include black ceramic heaters in the heating station which ensure maximum heating efficiency. Due to the film edge heater, even brittle materials like PS and PLA and thick materials can be processed. Plastic particles are avoided when the film is pierced. Thus, a high level of product hygiene and a longer service life of the needle chains is guaranteed. The exact cutting position is ensured through the precise and reproducible width adjustment of the chain rails. Servo motor-actuated knee lever drives and independent pre-stretching plugs on the upper and lower table assure flexibility and a high product quality.

Another special feature is the ergonomic operation due to the separate tool changing station. This station is situated between forming and cutting station. The tool sets are changed in one block, and heavy tools are supported by big ball bearings. A Down Stacker places the finished products on a conveyor belt below the film level.

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