Opening new doors in window profiles

Through collaboration with leading manufacturers of window profiles, Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, endeavoured to jointly develop a new generation of window frame profiles, which addressed legal requirements for energy consumption while advancing window profile technology.

New generation of window frame profiles (photo: shutterstock)

3 years ago

Fifth German WPC Congress 2013

Over 270 participants from 25 countries and 30 exhibitors attended Nova-Institute’s fifth German WPC Congress from December 10 to 11, 2013 in Cologne, Germany. At a special ceremony during the evening gala buffet dinner the WPC Innovation Prize was awarded.

Renolit scored in the WPC Innovation Prize with Gorcell thermoformable WPC-sheets. (photos: Nova / PvP-Fotodesign)

3 years ago

Polyamide profile

The Insulbar RE from Ensinger, a global developer and producer of thermal insulating profiles for window, door and façade construction, is the first ever thermal insulating profile for metal frames made of recycled materials. This insulating profile which creates a thermal barrier between metal frames is made from 100% unmixed polyamide (PA) recyclate, and this can help reduce heating and air conditioning costs.

The Insulbar RE from Ensinger is the first ever thermal insulating profile for metal frames made of recycled materials. (photos: Ensinger)

3 years ago

A window on the world

Windows and façades are a common source of heat loss. To reduce this heat loss, it is important not only to use multi-pane glazing but also to ensure that the window frames are well insulated. Bayer MaterialScience has developed an efficient, robust and durable material solution for heat-insulating yet small window frames, based on polyurethanes (PUs). This enables profiles to be manufactured with a narrow visible height and low installation depth, for example, for the glazing for roofs or elements where space is limited.

3 years ago

Greiner Extrusion: Red.Cut live

Greiner Extrusion presented a wide variety of new efficiency enhancements to its products – from the Red.Line system to advanced development of "flow.control pro" through to the new tooling system. One highlight was the live presentation of the new cutter, Red.Cut. The good cutting quality and exactness of profile separation impressed visitors to the booth shared by Greiner Extrusion Technology and Greiner Tech.Profile. Easy and tool-less changing of the knives demonstrated savings of time and resources. PLC length measurement featured ten preselection modes available from the touch panel. It was also shown that variable adjustment of the cutting speed can be controlled from the touch panel. Accurate cutting-to-length repeatability and its PLC knife heating system were further benefits of the Red.Cut system.

Greiner booth at K 2013 (photo: Greiner)

3 years ago