Wet Shredder for highly abrasive plastic film waste

  • Water is used as early as the first pre-size-reduction step
  • Contamination is efficiently eliminated, especially for highly abrasive waste
  • Shredders with working width of 1,450 & 2,000 mm available

The Herbold Wet Shredder HGM, suitable for the processing of bulk and bale-shaped waste by adding water as early as the first pre-size-reduction step,will be on display at this year‘s #Fakuma. In fact, wet grinding is nothing new when it comes to the recycling of contaminated plastics waste. However, so far it was only used with granulators. The aspect has been neglected, that good results can also be obtained with shredders by adding water. An efficient elimination of the contamination can be achieved, especially when processing highly abrasive waste such as agricultural films. Directly after the shredder, due to the addition of water, a large amount of the dissolved surface contamination can be separated. The efficiency of downstream units is thus increased.

Herbold Wet Shredder HGM

Herbold Wet Shredder HGM

In addition to less wear on the shredder itself, there is also less wear and increased efficiency in regards to the downstream units as the downstream units have to cope with less contamination. Two machine sizes are available with working width of 1,450 and 2,000 mm respectively, and further model will follow soon, according to the company.

Prewashing unit in three processing steps

The company will also present the Herbold Prewashing Unit VWE 600 (patent pending) for an efficient separation of foreign bodies from pre-shredded post-consumer material. In three processing steps, sediments are separated and surface contamination rinsed off due to water injection.

Herbold Prewashing Unit VWE 600

Herbold Prewashing Unit VWE 600

Plastcompactor for the mixing and homogenizing of big charges

Plastcompactors are increasingly used downstream of the washing/separation units as they are able to mix and homogenize big charges. The agglomerated material shows very good flow properties and a high bulk density. As a side product, the agglomeration process achieves an efficient separation of residual humidity. The Herbold plastcompactors are available for throughputs of up to 1,500 kg/h.


Herbold Plastkompaktor

Herbold plastkompactor

The patented Herbold Granulator of the SB Series has been further developed and is available in 6 different sizes with throughputs of up to 6,000 kg/h. Especially for bottle recycling, but also for pre-size-reduced waste, the forced feeding device with feed screws is particularly efficient and compact in design.

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