silent line system from Motan

SilentLine: feedline system features 50% noise reduction

  • Motan-colortronic showcases double walled material feedline system at Fakuma
  • Noise reduction of 12 dB(A) possible
  • System also detects leaks in material line

Motan-colortronic’s aptly-named SilentLine is a double walled material feedline system that allows a noise reduction of 12 dB(A), which equates to a 50% reduction in noise. And when combined with motan’s gentle material conveying IntelliFlow, the system can achieve an additional sound reduction of up to 6 dB(A). SilentLine also detects leaks in material lines, allowing affected pipe sections to be easily identified and replaced. Another SilentLine advantage is that the system makes efficient use of thermal energy: the double walled pipeline provides an insulating effect which causes dried material to be cooled less quickly during the conveying process.

The company will showcase the SilentLine system together with the new Metro G loaders and Metrolink, an automatic coupling station that features its own autonomous control system.

Picture: SilentLine – double walled material feedline system for pipe installations in suction conveyance systems (source:Motan-colortronic gmbh)

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