Rotamat series features direct drive of the drum

  • Low-noise and virtually maintenance-free electric motors
  • Users benefit from large opening angle of the mould carrier

With a track record of over 20 years in the production of door elements for refrigeration appliances and in the manufacture of insulated polyurethane panels for varied applications, the Rotamat has made a name for itself. With the new „EM“ type, Hennecke adds a version to the Rotamat series that is driven exclusively by low-noise and virtually maintenance-free electric motors.


The new Rotamat, a modular version oft the series, driven exclusively by electric motors (source: Hennecke)

The Rotamat technology

In Rotamat systems, the mould carriers rotate around the horizontal axis in a cyclical turning motion. In the operating station, the mould carrier is opened via a rocker after it has been unlocked. The operator removes the foamed door and inserts the new sheet metal door and inliner. Before starting the foaming operation, the lower part of the mould carrier is swung back into the horizontal position. After the fully automatic foam filling has been completed, the Rotamat indexes to the next position and closes the mould carrier during the turning movement.

New development: direct drive of the drum

A new construction enables a direct drive of the drum for the first time. With the high acceleration of the electric drives, the Rotamat EM is also suitable for foaming systems with a comparatively short reaction time. Rotamat EM systems are available for seven or eight mould carriers with external diameters of up to 2,500 mm in length, 900 mm in depth and 240 mm in height. The integrated mixhead manipulator can optionally be fitted with up to 3 axes in a biaxial variant and/or with two mixheads. The processing of pentane-blown systems is also possible with the EM type. The construction for this includes integrated ventilation openings already mounted at the factory, which only need to be connected to an external exhaust air system via a flange at the top of the main frame. As an option, a ventilation system can be supplied.

Users benefit from large opening angle of the mould carrier

Users of the Rotamat EM also benefit from the extremely space-saving design and comparatively large opening angle of the mould carrier. The delivery of the plant consists of several pre-assembled units which reduce assembly time on site and make shipping easy as the pre-assembled units fit into standardized sea containers.


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