Recycling technology for heavily printed materials

  • INTAREMA 1007 TVEplus system features throughput of 300-350 kg/h
  • Based on globally patented Counter Current technology
  • Live demonstration at #chinaplas

Erema’s INTAREMA system, featuring the Counter Current technology, was one of the highlights at #chinaplas 2015. An INTAREMA 1007 TVEplus system with a melt filter SW4/104 RTF and a throughput of 300-350 kg/h demonstrated the high efficient recycling of heavily printed LDPE materials.

Erema at Chinaplas

The well-visited booth of Erema at the Chinaplas2015 featuring the INTAREMA 1007 TVEplus system

Based on globally patented Counter Current technology

At K 2013, which was also the year of the company’s 30th anniversary, Erema launched a plant system with a new core technology: INTAREMA. The features of this system can be derived from its name which comes from INverse + TAngential + eREMA and is based on the globally patented Counter Current technology. The company has already sold 150 systems worldwide since its introduction in 2013.

Intarema recycling system

INTAREMA recycling system with Counter Current technology (source: Erema)

Inverse-tangential configuration increases process stability and throughput

The innovation takes place in the interface area of the cutter/compactor and extruder. To date the worldwide technical standard has been a system in which the material in the cutter/compactor moved in the direction of the extruder. The difference with the Counter Current system is that the material spout in the cutter/compactor is now reversed and thus moves against the direction of the extruder. The result of this inverse-tangential configuration is increased process stability and, at the same time, considerably higher throughput.

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