Quickstep secures contract with leading global automotive manufacturer

  • First global automotive OEM1 project
  • Production of up to 1,000 lightweight carbon fibre engine compartment parts

Quickstep Holdings has received authorisation for its first global automotive OEM1 project. A production order is expected within weeks from a leading global car manufacturer. The niche volume order to produce a series of up to 1,000 lightweight carbon fibre engine compartment parts is expected to begin production in early 2016.

About a month ago Quickstep Holdings announced that its €4.24 million ($6.2 million AUD) contract to deliver the first Qure technology for a commercial client has neared completion. Leading European aerospace composites manufacturer ORPE Technologiya has tested and accepted the Qure machine for installation at its premises. The machine was tailored to ORPE’s specification and has successfully produced 6 metre by 4 metre carbon fibre parts which will be used to shield satellites during launch.

Quickstep's Munich facility

Qure machine at Quickstep’s Munich facility (source: Quickstep)

Qure technology uses fluids instead of standard autoclave techniques

Quickstep has developed two patented technologies for the manufacturing of composite components.
The Qure technology is a unique, patented technology that moulds carbon-fibre components using fluids instead of standard autoclave techniques, reducing costs and processing time. The technology offers greater flexibility and more control over the curing cycle when carbon-fibre composite components are made.

The company also uses the company’s Resin Spray Transfer (RST) technology to create carbon fibre parts with a ‘Class A’ surface finish more efficiently than traditional composite manufacturing systems. These processes are the building blocks upon which Quickstep is developing RapidQure, a higher volume, lower cost composite manufacturing process.

Quickstep provides a turnkey manufacturing solution for aerospace, defence and automotive clients.

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