Production-integrated, dry cleaning of plastic and CFRP parts

  • Snow jet cleaning system
  • Special non-wearing two-component ring nozzle
  • Industry 4.0 compatible

When it comes to the coating of parts made from plastics, including fiber-reinforced alternatives such as CFRP, cleaning has a decisive influence on the quality. With the quattroClean snow jet cleaning system, the company acp – advanced clean production GmbH presents a well-proven system for dry and residue-free cleaning at the upcoming Paint Expo 2018.

Special non-wearing two-component ring nozzle

The system enables significant cost and space savings compared to commonly used power wash systems. The special design of the non-wearing two-component ring nozzle ensures a homogeneous cleaning effect. It removes particulate and film-like contamination reliably from parts surfaces.

Industry 4.0 compatible

All process parameters, such as flow rates for compressed air and carbon dioxide, cleaning time, the angle of the jet and motion sequences can be specifically adjusted to the part requiring coating and filed as a cleaning program. Furthermore, the Industry 4.0 compatible quattroClean system can be easily integrated into networked production environments and cleaning can be carried out in the production cycle.

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