Kubota Super Platon II screening system

Pellet screening system detects contaminants with 99% accuracy

  • Suitable for a wide range of plastic materials
  • System for 400-1,000 kg/h
  • Kubota introduces Super Platon II

Kubota has introduced the pellet screening system Super Platon II for the detection of contaminants in plastic pellets. A wide range of plastics materials, including transparent pellets, can be screened by the KP-50KT system in order to detect black spots, brown stripe contaminants, burned and discolored pellets.

Screenable material types

According to the company, the system works with an accuracy of 99% (indicates the separation accuracy when the ratio of different-colored pellets, such as red or black, mixed into natural-colored, such as milk white or white, is less than 0.1%). The throughput capacity of the system is stated at 400-1,000 kg/h.

sample contaminants in pellets
The system is suitable for both in-line and off-line applications. Several options are available including wear-resistant transfer parts (e.g. hopper and collection duct), extended gate for flow rate control, air curtain for powder dust proof or special camera box with air cooling used for high temperature pellets.


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