Parabolic tower design significantly increases dryer efficiency

  • Improved energy efficiency even for hard-to-dry plastics
  • App allows dryer control via smart phone
  • Only one moving part for easy maintenance

The new E-Plus series dryers from Dri-Air Industries offer faster and more complete drying of plastics with highest energy efficiency. The new parabolic tower design, special heater configuration, and optimized air flow maximize moisture pickup for ultra-low dew points, faster drying, and significantly reduced regeneration energy usage. Greater hopper insulation further improves the energy efficiency of these dryers with even the most challenging, hard-to-dry plastics. The dryers are offered in three sizes with drying capacities of 25, 50, or 100 pounds/hour (11, 23, 45 kg/hour).

App allows dryer control via smart phone

Large touch screen controls are designed for easy viewing from a distance. A simple master screen shows all key operating information at a glance. Additional screens simplify the setting and/or monitoring of 7-day timer, temperature setback, and loader control functions. A DRI-Link app allows dryer monitoring and control from a smart phone, tablet, or other portable device. Dryer information can also be transferred to centralized systems for real-time monitoring or control.

Material level measurement by means of laser as an option

The dryers are fully enclosed for increased energy efficiency. This enhances the temperature profile within the hopper and simplifies dryer cleaning in clean room environments. An optional hopper management system constantly measures (by means of a laser) material levels and displays the information on the main control screen, allowing the screen’s use as an adjustable fill control and low material alarm. In addition, setting drying temperature by selecting the type of material allows the control to calculate and display hopper contents in pounds or kilos.

E-Plus dryer for plastics

Only one moving part for easy maintenance

E-Plus dryers are designed for fast, easy changeovers and maintenance. The dryer has only one moving part which rotates every 2-3 hours. All components are easily accessible. A closed-loop loader gate keeps dried material in the drying hopper and cleanout line every cycle. A spring-loaded slide gate closes the outlet of the hopper automatically and is fitted with a handle to allow access for hopper cleaning. Control service screens show internal temperatures and other parameters, reducing maintenance times. Graphic screens show the location of failed components, as well as part numbers of all major components for streamlined ordering.

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