Oscillating shredder shreds pipes up to 3,000mm

  • Oscillating shredder with “Rasp” principle
  • Recycling of large pipes and wind turbines
  • Suitable also for abrasive materials (e.g. fibreglass-reinforced plastics)

For the processing of extremely large waste plastic pipes of up to 3,000 mm in diameter, the company Herbold Meckesheim has designed a new kind of shredder. The pipe shredder of the HOS series with an oscillating size-reduction surface is capable of shredding extremely large pipes with lengths of up to 6,000 mm in one single step.

4 - Rotor type F with exchangeable wear protection

Shredder suitable for abrasive materials

Due to its design, the wear is reduced to a minimum making the shredder suitable for abrasive materials (e.g. fibreglass-reinforced plastics). Another feature is the low energy consumption for bulky feed materials which require large machinery, e.g. wind turbine recycling, large starter clumps from plastic raw material production.

The company will present the new shredder at the upcoming #Fakuma 2015.


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