Leister: Hand extruder and plastics machining with hot air and laser


Leister Technologies is part of the Leister Group of companies. Based in Switzerland, where its principle manufacturing activities are located, the company’s product portfolio for professional applications comprises equipment for machining plastic with hot air, hot wedge and laser technology as well as hand extruders. At K the Swiss presented, among other things, the new "Weldplast S1" hand extruder, two hot air blowers from the "Mistral" series as well as the "Novolas TTS" laser welding line.

The Leister "Weldplast S1" extruder is designed for welding plate thicknesses ranging from 4 to 12mm, using typical plastics such as PE, PP and PVC, among others. The device incorporates a throughput of up to 1.15kg/h. The wire intake operation on both sides is twist-free for wires of between 3 and 4mm diameter. LED lights are located on the working head and these improve the view of the welding process when it is dark.

The hot air blowers "Mistral Premium 6" and "Mistral System" incorporate a brush-free fan motor which is, thanks to its good maintenance characteristics, suitable for continuous operation. Control of the "Mistral System" fan may be via an operating console on the device or by means of an external system interface. The "Mistral" devices can handle any quantity of air to up to 400l/min.

In the new laser welding line "Novolas TTS" the laser unit is separate from the welding cell. The advantage is that the cell can be placed on a table while the laser unit is set up close by. The system is designed for contour welding; operation is by using a further development of the Leister "Human Machine Interface (HMI)".



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