World’s first biocompatible and non-leaching antibacterial plastic

  • Antibacterial property of up to 99% within 24 hours
  • Achieved by making use of trace element (no toxins or chemicals used)
  • Mass production at Italian facility

Parx Plastics is launching its first ready to use Saniconcentrates™ for manufacturers in Europe and the US to safely create self-sanitizing products with an antibacterial property of up to 99% within 24 hours*.

World’s first antimicrobial solution without toxins or chemicals

The technology is the world’s first antimicrobial solution without toxins or chemicals, according to the company. It does not use chemicals such as Triclosan or heavy metals such as silver, nor does it use biocides, Nano-particles, quaternary salts or any other harmful substances. The antimicrobial property is achieved by making use of one of the most important trace elements in the human body. The trace element, present in our food, is essential for a healthy immune system and for building up and maintaining cells, hair, nails and skin.

Antibacterial property as a result of intrinsic change, not of leaching substances

Safety is guaranteed not only by the biocompatibility but also because the technology does not migrate. The antibacterial property is the result of an intrinsic change and not of leaching substances. The surface of a product becomes hostile to bacteria by means of a mere physical and mechanical action.

The first materials taken into mass production at the Italian facility in Bologna are a Sani-ABS and a #Saniconcentrate™ based on Eastman’s copolymer Tritan™. These are uniform grades used as a carrier incorporating the technology that mix at 3% with plain material of the same kind. The mixture brings forth a product with an antimicrobial property of up to 99%.

“Being able to offer these off-the-shelf solutions is a great step forward bringing our biocompatible technology to the market.” according to Michael van der Jagt, one of the founders of Parx Plastics. “The past few months have been pretty turbulent for our organization receiving great interest from many of the largest corporations. The world is moving towards more sustainable solutions and customer pressure is rising. Companies that ignore the shift away from harmful chemicals and dangerous substances are bound to loose or be left behind.”

*Measured according to ISO22196 with Staphylococcus Aurus (gram+) and Escherichia Coli (E. Coli, gram-)


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