High-speed servo spin welder for joining of small-diameter parts

  • New model combines speed & precision
  • 20% reduced cycle times compared to standard single-pressure, servo models
  • Applications: medical, automotive & industrial

Forward Technology, a manufacturer of plastic welding equipment and testing systems, has introduced a new high-speed orientation spin welder designed for smaller diameter and more difficult applications that require delivery of rotational speed at high precision. The spin welder is targeted for manufacturers of small-diameter components (down to 0.125-in/0.08-mm) such as fittings, tubing, and fuel lines for the medical, automotive, and industrial markets.

20% reduced cycle times compared to standard single-pressure, servo models

The HS-OSW is a servo-driven spin welder that is capable of orienting part halves relative to each other with a positioning accuracy of +/- 1.0 deg. Exact start (home) and stop (final orientation) points can be programmed and precisely controlled.

The HS-OSW runs up to 7,000 rpm, unlike standard servo models which operate at up to 4,000 rpm. It features a dual-speed proportional valve for pneumatic pressure control, allowing the user to program individual settings for initial part approach speed, contact pressure, weld pressure, and cooling pressure in pass code protected memory. This capability reduces cycle time by 20% compared to standard single-pressure, servo models and also improves repeatability.

Servo-driven spin welder

Servo-driven spin welder of the HS-OSW series (source: Forward Technology)

A six-inch color touchscreen serves as a user interface with an integral programmable operator control station which simplifies parameter input and allows a range of measurements to be displayed. These include rpm, weld mode, weld distances, hold time, pressure, resettable parts counter, and total machine cycle counter.

Forward Technology has been a designer and manufacturer of spin welders since 1993. The company offers a broad product line ranging in maximum speeds up to 16,000 rpm and available in both heavy-duty servo-electric (orientation based) and pneumatic (inertial based) models for a wide range of applications.

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