Gel coat system for automotive applications

  • Suited for moulded fibre-reinforced plastic parts
  • 44% lighter gel coat gun
  • Catalyst pump offers easy, tool-free adjustment

Graco has introduced a new gel coat system for the spraying of fibre-reinforced plastics in automotive applications.

The new RS gel coat spray system of Graco

The new RS gel coat spray system of Graco (source: Graco)

44% lighter gel coat gun

The proportioner of this gel coat system offers precise on-ratio dispensing. The RS gel coat gun is up to 44 per cent lighter than competing gun technologies leading to improved handling for operators. The gun features the so-called Air Assistant Containment (AAC) technology. The AAC technology wraps spray in a containing shield of air, preventing atomised droplets from escaping the spray pattern. The resulting decrease in overspray reduces material waste and creates a better environment for operators. In addition, a special needle clamp design prevents operators from needing to adjust needle settings after routine maintenance.

Catalyst pump offers tool-free adjustment

Ease of maintenance is another main feature of this spray system. The industry-proven components and long-lasting seals lead to reduced maintenance, while the adjustable-ratio catalyst pump offers easy, tool-free adjustment, increasing overall uptime.


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