Erema offers entire new form of recycling service

  • Opening of UpCentre in Gunskirchen
  • Use of recycling/compounding technology instead of buying
  • Flexible sample production, also by the tonne

The Corema production system of Erema combines the advantages of recycling and compounding in a single processing step. The company has now taken the next step by offering a completely new form of recycling service: Erema UpCentre. Here the Corema technology for the sampling of recycling compounds is available to customers. The opening of the UpCentre on 20 November 2015 in Gunskirchen (not far from the comapny’s headquarters in Ansfelden, Austria) generated strong interest throughout the value chain, from collecting and sorting companies, producers of washing plants, recyclers and plastics processors to polymer producers and research institutes.

Erema UpCentre opening

Corema 1108 T system at the new UpCentre in Gunskirschen (source: Erema)

Recyclates to be used 1:1 as substitute for virgin material

To enable recyclates to be used 1:1 as a substitute for virgin material they have to feature exactly specified, customised property profiles. Processors are interested above all in the recycled pellets allowing trouble-free further processing and the assurance of the functional characteristics of the end products produced from them. Corema technology, which customers will be able to use in the new UpCentre, offers this upgrade of recyclates, right up to customised recycling compounds.

Robert Obermayr

“On the way to these ‘made-to-measure’ products you need a lot of fine tuning in practice: processors demand varying quantities of samples – as often and as long as necessary until the recycling compound meets the exact requirements of their concrete application, such as film/sheet or injection moulding part,” explains product manager Robert Obermayr.

Use of Corema technology instead of buying

And this is the point where Erma comes in: The new UpCentre makes Corema technology available for use by customers in order to produce sample quantities quickly and flexibly also by the tonne and without having to buy a system of their own.

Corema system

The Corema technology unites recycling and compounding in a single process step (source: Erema)

The UpCentre features a Corema 1108 T for a maximum monthly production of 500 tonnes. The company invested a total of  2 million euros.


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