Efficient material handling and production of LFT compounds

  • Metering/Mixing system for up to six flowable components
  • New design of dry air generator and drying vessel
  • Flexible LFT technology

ProTec Polymer Processing supplies systems for the entire process chain from conveying and drying to metering and mixing of long-fibre-reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) compounds for injection moulding and extrusion. At K2016 the company will launch a new batch metering unit (Somos Batchmix XL) for throughputs of up to 1,920 kg/h, a stationary dry air dryer ( Somos RDT-200) and will present its flexible LFT technology

Metering/Mixing system for up to six flowable components

The Somos Batchmix XL metering and mixing system is suitable for feeding multicomponent mixtures to both injection moulding machines and extruders and is designed to handle up to six flowable components. It can be equipped with the company’s suction conveyors for automatically filling material storage hoppers. A touchscreen controller with a graphical user interface ensures user-friendly operation and is also capable of simultaneously controlling extruder throughput.

Somos Batchmix XL gravimetric batch metering unit

The new Somos Batchmix XL gravimetric batch metering unit is designed for a maximum of six components and throughputs of up to 1,920 kg/h (source: ProTec Polymer Processing)

New design of dry air generator and drying vessel

The new Somos RDT-200 stationary dry air dryer has an effective dry air throughput of 140 to 300 m³/h. The dry air generator and the drying vessel are of a new design. The drying vessels, which are square on the outside and cylindrical on the inside, can be fitted together to form a compact modular drying system comprising up to at most six vessels in graduated sizes with effective hopper volumes ranging from 50 l to 300 l. Another new feature is the dryer controller which offers several drying parameters tailored to the specific material as well as versatile documentation functions. To minimise energy consumption, the dryer is equipped with the energy-saving technology known from other Somos dryers: automatic adaptation of drying air volume to material throughput and a control mechanism which adapts desiccant regeneration to the particular moisture loading of the adsorbent. Drying temperatures of 40 °C to 180 °C at a drying air dew point temperature of approx. -35 °C are standard.

Flexible LFT technology

The company’s LFT pultrusion technology is suitable for producing long-fibre-reinforced pellets with many different polymer matrices and variable fibre reinforcement. Even the difficult pairing of carbon fibres with PP can be reliably processed. A high-performance compounding extruder is the heart of the line, permitting flexible production of a broad range of individual polymer matrix formulations. Recycled material and additional fillers may likewise be included in the material formulation.

ProTec is capable of supplying turn-key LFT lines tailored to specific requirements from materials development to testing and commissioning on the customer’s premises. These lines are capable of handling fibre contents of up to 65 wt.% and throughputs of up to 1,000 kg/h. Any conventional thermoplastics or even biopolymers such as PLA (polylactic acid) can be used as the matrix, while glass, steel, aramid or carbon fibres can be used as the reinforcing fibres.

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