Easyperm, the first 3D measurement bench

  • Industrial system for measuring 3D permeability of reinforcements
  • To evaluate the ability of reinforcements to let resin flow
  • JEC Innovation Awards winner, category: Laboratory Equipment

Permeability, as an intrinsic characteristic of reinforcements, is an essential information for process simulation. Permeability measurements allow users to simulate processes, compare reinforcements and check reinforcement quality. The Easyperm 3D bench of PPE is the first system that measures 3D permeability (in-plane and through-the-thickness) and evaluates the ability of reinforcements to let resin flow.

Industrial system for measuring permeability of a dry reinforcement

Today, the Easyperm 3D bench is the only system on the market that offers an industrial solution for measuring the permeability of a dry reinforcement through thickness (Z) and in-plane (X, Y). The system allows evaluation of the capacity of reinforcement to be impregnated by a liquid resin.

“This is a crucial step in performing filling simulations for large and complex parts, but also for process optimization in the case of high production rate. Particularly as it can be used to characterize all types of fiber (glass, carbon, aramid, flax, hemp, etc.), while minimizing the amount of material needed,” explains Jérôme Raynal, PPE’s Sales and Export Director. The system’s configuration also allows visual check of the flow front.

Easyperm the 3D measuring system

A reliable quality control solution

Easyperm is also a reliable quality control system, because it relies on pressure measurement via a network of sensors, which is then post-processed using Darcy’s law. The system uses a measurement technology which has been developed and used over the past ten years, but also integrates the latest developments in measurement precision, accrording to PPE. The physical nature of this measurement eliminates any human interpretation error.

Easyperm is the first equipment of the Easy range of products promoted by PPE, the international technology transfer center specialized in continuous fiber reinforced composite materials.

Why permeability?

– To simulate molding processes based on knowledge of the permeability of reinforcements
– To perform more efficient simulations and thus create good prototypes
– To minimize development lead time and optimize costs
– To check product quality

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