Decontamination dryer for PET and HDPE food grade applications

  • Use of input material in different forms possible, even simultaneously
  • Process compliant with relevant FDA and EFSA standards
  • Starlinger at Plast 2015 in Milan

Starlinger Viscotec will introduce the deCON 20 decontamination dryer at the upcoming Plast 2015 in Milan. The dryer processes flakes and recycled pellets from PET and HDPE for use in food grade packaging.

Process compliant with relevant FDA and EFSA standards

Special to the deCON 20 is its ability to process input material in different forms, for example pellets, flakes and skeleton waste, even simultaneously. The process is compliant with the relevant FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) standards, so the material can be used directly for the production of food grade packaging.

Energy-efficient recycling: recoSTAR dynamic

The new recycling line recoSTAR dynamic, launched by Starlinger end of March, is characterized by a very energy-efficient production process and a high grade of automation. This ensures constant production, higher output, and flexibility with input materials. By using motors with high efficiency ratings, energy recovery systems in various process steps as well as infrared heating, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced significantly.

This recycling line processes industrial and post-consumer plastic scrap and produces high-quality regranulate that can be used in a wide range of applications.

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