President of Mexico Enrique Pe?a Nieto

Petstar inaugurates largest Bottle-to-Bottle recycling plant in Latin America

  • President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto among the guests
  • Petstar expands capacity to over 6,000 kg/h / 1.5 billion PET bottles per year
  • Continuous washing process, not based on batches

C.Lic.Enrique Peña Nieto, the President of Mexico, the Board of Directors of Petstar and Coca-Cola Management participated in the recent opening ceremony held at Petstar premises at Toluca, Mexico. The latest PET washing plant installed by AMUT has been shown to a large number of guests including top level managers involved in PET recycling business.

Petstar doubles its recycling capacity to over 6,000 kg/h

This plant is the second one supplied to Petstar company, who wanted to double its existing capacity. This line completes Phase 2 of Petstar, owned by Coca-Cola and other Mexican investors, that today represents the largest Bottle-to-Bottle recycling plant in Latin America with a net capacity of over 6,000 kg/h, handling 1.5 billion PET bottles per year. The Amut PET bottles recycling system is designed to convert post-consumer PET bottles into flakes suitable to be processed by an SSP (Solid-State Polycondensation) system. The flakes produced are of highest quality and are suitable for Bottle-to-Bottle applications.

Continuous washing process, not based on batches

The plant includes a bottle pre-washing, detection, grinding, washing, drying and a final flakes detection in one integrated system running a continuous process. The patented washing systems grant the complete removal of impurity with a substantial saving of water and chemicals. The patented Friction Washer, connected with a water-flow recirculation and filtering system, removes any type of polluting material from the PET flakes. The system is a continuous process, not based on batches, where washing process, water temperature, friction level and resident time are automatically monitored and controlled.

Social resposibility: reimbursement and educational role

The supplying of this plant is part of a social responsibility program to eradicate child labour: a reimbursement is provided to those families who collect waste bottles giving them the possibility to send children to school. Furthermore, the motto of Petstar “Recycling is giving PET new life” wants to have an educational role: recycling attitude should start from childhood and children themselves can be an example for their parents and promote behaviors against pollution.

Picture: The President of Mexico, C.Lic.Enrique Peña Nieto participated in the opening ceremony held at Pet Star.


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