AMUT chosen for Carbon LITE plastics recycling facility

  • Carbon LITE expands: 20,000 m² recycling plant / 45,000 tons/year
  • AMUT supplies equipment for cleaning of PET post-consumer bottles
  • Incl. patented delabeler & high friction washer

Carbon LITE Recycling LLC has chosen AMUT equipment as part of a new 20.000 m² recycling plant that will process post-consumer bottles into PET (PCR-PET) pellets which are used to make new bottles. CarbonLITE is one of the world’s largest companies specialized in bottle-to-bottle recycling, producing PCR-PET bottles and serving major beverage brands. The output will be about 45.000 tons/year of finished products. With this investment Carbon LITE doubles its capacity at its new plastic recycling facility in Abilene,Texas which will also supply Nestle’s bottling facilities near Dallas. Total investment in equipment and infrastructure exceeds USD 60 million. Another plant of Carbon LITE is already operating in Riverside, California.

The AMUT equipment will be used in several processing steps for the cleaning of the PET bottles. The scope of supply includes a delabeler (DLB-60 model – patent-pending ) full-body shrink sleeve label-removal system and the patented PW-180/5 high friction washing system which will be incorporated for the cleaning of the whole bottles prior to the wet grinding process. For the final cleaning of the PET flakes the patented hot flake friction washing system AX 150/5 will be used. The delabeler (launched in 2013) is able to remove full-body shrink sleeve labels, other labels and general dirt using a complete dry pre-washing system (water free).

For the food-grade purification and pelletizing, Carbon LITE will use technology from EREMA North America Inc. The new plant’s front-end, bale-opening and bottle-sorting will be built by Bulk Handling Systems of Eugene, OR using sorting modules from its subsidiary NRT of Nashville, TN.


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