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Italian bakery products in matt bag

Divella, an Italian manufacturer of bakery goods, is following the current trend and is packing its range of bakery goods in a matt printed, gusseted bag with a content of 400g. Before the contents can be removed, the top of the bag needs to be cut off with scissors. An adhesive strip on the back of the pack serves as an aid to resealing. The printing on the bag is multi-lingual to enable Europe-wide distribution.

More titivation please!

Many consumers find “normal” chocolate too bland and boring for their taste and yearn for new and surprising experiences to titivate their tastebuds. The latest example from Milka is the 300g bar made from 100% alpine milk with the addition of sherbet granules. The bar is packaged in a flexible foil pack made from PP. At the rear of the pack is a sealed seam which can be opened for purposes of convenient product removal.

Dried tomatoes in the bag

Marketed under the brand name of “Raffinesse”, the German company Hellriegel is selling 150g of dried tomatoes in a transparent stand-up bag. The bag enables the customer to get a direct view of the contents and is fitted with a zip fastener. To convey the commercial information there is a printed cardboard strip folded over the top edge and this is joined to the bag by means of two eyelets. The products can be removed once the cardboard has been taken off together with one segment of the bag.

Sweeties to titivate

When it comes to customer preferences, sherbet has for years been consigned to a twilight existence or its popularity has been limited to alcoholic scene drinks only. Just recently it has become the name on everyone’s lips. The major brand owners are losing no time in reacting to this with the creation of suitable products. One example is Storck with its “Nimm 2 soft Brause” (“Take 2 soft sherbet”) chews in four different flavours with a sherbet filling. Katjes, under its “Frigeo” brand name, is selling “Ahoi-Flaschen Soft” (“Ahoy Bottles Soft”) with extra bubble gum taste. Both products are packed in standard, commercially available foil pouches with no re-seal facility.

Rinse aid revisited

ReckittBenckiser has changed the appearance and the material of its 750ml bottle for “Finish” rinse aid. The easy to handle, shaped bottle is now made from HDPE instead of PET and a two-dimensional sleeve label has replaced the small format adhesive labels used up to now. The label makes reference to the five-fold action of the product and a side foil segment with no printed text serves as a volume indicator. Underneath the screw closure there is a dispensing aid mounted on the edge of the bottle.

Supercharge Booster for “Finish”

Following its successful introduction in the USA in 2012, the Supercharge Booster is now also available on the market in England. The product is claimed to improve the cleaning power of the dishwasher tabs and prevent any spots or grey fog forming (on glasses in particular). The product, which is designed for 80 dishwashing cycles, is packaged in a slim, yellow bottle made from HDPE with a content of 250ml and studding on the side to facilitate gripping. A screw-on hinged lid with a dispensing function and a sleeve label complete the packaging.

A tube with gloss

Schwarzkopf & Henkel is continuing to expand its Syoss brand name with its “Supreme Selection” series. This is divided up into a number of groups, including the “Revive” series which can be seen in the picture. According to the manufacturer, the high quality contents have been brought together by experts to guarantee intensive and effective hair repair. 250ml of the gel-like, seal-in colour shampoo are packaged in a high-gloss, almost mirror finish headstand tube made from plastic. A black hinged lid acts as a closure.

Closure with the look of technology

Unilever has launched an aerosol can with a new type of spray head for its Rexona men 48-hour deodorant. The multi-section and multi-colour closure is designed to attract the attention of the techies among the consumers and incorporates a new locking system. Between the activating knob and the container there is an integrated rotatable ring that locks/releases the press-down function. The convex surface for activating the spray function is made from a type of rubberised material and also incorporates anti-slip characteristics.

Tube to go stowed in the base

The plastic packaging for 180 Original Bullrich Salt Stomach Tablets to counter heartburn produced by delta pronatura Dr Krauss and Dr Beckmann from Germany has a handy consumer application aid concealed in its base section. The lid of the plastic box which incorporates an additional hinged removal aperture secured by the two self-adhesive labels, also has a re-closable chamber integrated in the base. An additional feature here is the small tube which, when filled with the consumer’s own tablets, can easily be slipped into a trouser pocket and taken along when eating away from home.

Flower fertiliser with dispenser

The Hauert company, who have been active in the production of fertilisers since 1663, are selling their liquid fertiliser with an easy to handle dispensing system. A screw cap with a dispensing chamber is fitted to the HDPE bottle containing 1l of product. The convenient dispensing facility is made possible by the movement of a stopper which first of all opens up a discharge channel, subsequently the bottle is held at an oblique angle until the dispensing chamber fills with the desired quantity. Then press in the stopper and pour out the product from the dispensing chamber. Labels to the front and rear contain the necessary information for use and dispensing.

Re-closable packaging

European Patent No: EP 2592017 A1

Applicant: Soremartec S.A., Arlon, Belgium, and Ferrero, Stadtallendorf, Germany

Application date: 7-11-2012

Design concept, structure and process for the manufacture of a re-closable, tetrahedron-shaped packaging made from plastic film. The packaging is intended to accommodate a large number of single-piece foodstuffs products.

Security closure

European Patent No: EP 2586722 A1

Applicant: Pibiplast S.P.A., Corregio, Italy

Application date: 18-10-2012

Hinged lid closure made up of two sections that are manufactured from different materials and/or in various colours. It is easy to see if the pack has already been opened.

Closure cap

Disclosure No: DE 102011055700 A1

Applicant: RPC Verpackungen Kutenholz GmbH, Kutenholz, Germany

Application date: 24-11-2011

New type of closure cap with integrated seal which is pierced prior to initial opening by pressing down on the lid. There is no need for the hinged lid to be removed or unscrewed.

Self-closing valve

Utility patent: DE 202013001724 U1

Applicant: Markus Poschmann, Warendorf, Germany

Application date: 22-2-2013

A spring element is integrated in a container with flexible side walls. This undergoes distortion as pressure is applied to the container and moves a valve pin vertically to release an opening. When the pressure is taken away the pin moves back into its original position and closes the opening once more.

Spray head

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 092229 A1

Applicant: Unilever Plc., London, Great Britain

Application date: 6-12-2012

The spray head on an aerosol can is fitted with a rotating collar which enables locking / unlocking of the spray head if it is twisted.

Lid closure

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 079339 A1

Applicant: Nestec S.A., Vevey, Switzerland

Application date: 16-11-2012

Lid closure made from plastic for placing on a pack designed to accommodate a product such as ice cream or similar. Pressing on the centre of the lid causes this to veer round and the side flaps come away from the edges of the container. Doing away with a metal or aluminium lid makes it easier to inspect the end product.

Granulate dispenser

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 091680 A1

Applicant: Gardena Manufacturing GmbH, Ulm, Germany

Application date: 20-12-2011

Container with lid closure to accommodate a free flowing product such as salt, grit or sand. It is possible by means of a rotating disk to release various openings in the lid in order to be able to extract the granulate for dispersal in appropriately dispensed quantities. The easily removable lid can, in addition, be used as a scoop for removing the product from a larger container.

Press to open

European Patent No: EP 2597051 A1

Applicant: Kikkoman Corp., Chiba, Japan

Application date: 22-7-2011

Insert closure for the shrink wrap dispenser on a flexible pouch pack. The insert consists of a “soft“, rubbery type of material and opens when pressure is applied to the pouch and dispenses product. If the pressure is removed the opening closes immediately and prevents any ingress of air.

Automatic closure

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 090362 A1

Applicant: Autocap LLC, Loveland, CO, USA

Application date: 12-12-2012

In order to enable a squeeze-action container to be operated using one hand only, an automatically opening valve has been proposed which closes again once pressure is removed. The operation is explained.

Soluble cleaning agent

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 090553 A1

Applicant: Ecolab USA Inc., Minnesota, MN, USA

Application date: 13-12-2012

There is a second chamber integrated in the base area of a plastic bottle and this is filled with a solid material. On operating the trigger, this is flushed with the water in the top section of the bottle, thus causing it to partially dissolve, after which it is conveyed to the outside via the riser pipe.


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