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Mini-biscuits in a bag

Brandt, the German manufacturer of biscuits baked in the traditional manner, has come up with a foil pouch packaging for its mini-biscuits made with spelt flour and added muesli. The product is free of any preservatives, artificial flavours or artificial colourants. 105g of product are packed in a matt-printed bag which is stable when standing in the upright position. In order to improve stability of form in relation to the thin-walled bag, vertical sealing seams have been worked into the edges.


Cheesy snack with Grana Padano


60g of crunchy cheese snack with Grana Padano is being marketed by the Italian company San Lucio under the brand name of “Grok” in a matt-printed stand up pouch with white as its base colour. In order to enable straightforward distribution all over Europe the pouch is printed with multi-lingual information. The pouch contains 60g of this innovative product which is available in three flavours and does not need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Capri-Sunshine in a lolly

The world-famous Capri-Sonne/Capri-Sunshine brand has extended its product portfolio by a stick pack featuring Capri-Sunshine Orange or Cola-Mix. Five pouches each containing 50ml are packed in a folding box by way of outer packaging. Going by the name “Freezies”, the product, which is available within the retail trade, is frozen after purchase. Prior to consumption a pre-weakened zone is torn off using a tear notch and the ice lolly can then be pushed out of the stick pack.

Mozzarella in the bag

Mini-format mozzarella in the familiar ball shapes or the larger balls cut into slices have a disadvantage in that they are not able to absorb salad dressings and mixing them with the other ingredients is less than ideal. The new “Orecchiette” (“little ears” as Galbani call them) are specially moulded to reduce this disadvantage. The overall contents of 275g with a drained net weight of 125g of Mozzarella are packed in an opaque pouch featuring a stand-on base with a tear notch for easier opening.

Optimum straw piercing capability

The new concept for the opening on the well-known Capri-Sunshine pouch with a content of 200ml promises convenient, simple insertion of the straw so as to avoid any spillage. Any risk of the straw going through the pouch is also prevented. An enlarged opening and a pocket which is formed when the straw is located in position and at the same time acts as a guideway to ensure the correct angle of penetration, characterise the new opening system. This makes it possible for the target group (younger children) to open the pouch “on their own” without any help from grown-ups.


Chewing gum from Switzerland

Swiss-based company Roelli Roelli is marketing 31g of sugar-free herb chewing gum under the “Alprausch“ brand name in a pouch pack featuring an interesting design. In terms of its presentation the pouch resembles a kind of felt bag with a pattern of embroidery. Parts of the pouch (which actually incorporates matt printing) are constructed to give a “shiny appearance” and this means that they stand out significantly. The pouch is fitted with a tear notch for ease of opening and can be re-sealed by means of an integrated zip closure. Viewing the pouch from below makes the well thought-out concept clear. At this point it is printed with a check pattern which is colour-matched to the relevant type.

Milka Toffee in the bag

In the confectionery sector, in order to entice customers to buy, it is important to bring new products on to the market regularly. One example of this is “Milka Toffee Classic”, a combination of Milka Alpine Milk chocolate and caramel. The metallic pouch, which features matt printing, is packed with 213g of the round toffees, each individually wrapped in foil. The use of Euro-perforation enables suspended presentation.

Fruit in PP tubs

Through retail outlets the German company SPC Aromona of Hamburg is selling 220g of pineapple pieces in a fruit sauce under the brand name of “SPC Nature`s Finest“ in a transparent tub made from PP. The pieces of fruit are freshly processed and bottled without any added sugar. Before any of the contents can be removed a sealing membrane under the snap-on lid needs to be removed. There is a separately manufactured fork clipped into the lid which is also made from PP.

Pouch with valve

International patent no: WO 2013 / 004586 A1

Applicant: Micvac AB, Mölndal (SE)

Application date: 28-6-2012

A flexible form of packaging for a food item is fitted with a valve that, during pasteurisation of the content at the manufacturer’s premises, allows the overpressure arising to escape and closes the container once more on termination of the process so that it is leakproof and secure.

Modular bottle

International patent no: WO 2013 / 012426 A1

Applicant: Colgate-Palmolive Comp., New York (US)

Application date: 21-7-2011

This international application describes containers that are so constructed that, through the use of two different closures, readily differentiable, self-contained types of packaging emerge. There are two container shapes with two closure variants giving four different types of packaging.

Clamping ring

International patent no: WO 2013 / 005998 A2

Applicant: Su Won Bae, Seoul (KR)

Application date: 5-7-2012

A container intended to accommodate a noodle dish is protected by means of a removable lid which, following the addition of water, can be tightly closed again with a clamping ring. This allows the product to “cook” and the clamping ring can be used after modification as a fork.

Tamper-proof guarantee

International patent no: WO 2013 / 012630 A1

Applicant: D & W Fine Pack LLC., Lake Zurich (US)

Application date: 11-7-2012

Dish-type container made from plastic complete with tamper-proof guarantee. It is only after pressing down / snapping off a segment that the lid can be raised using the tab.

Multi-layer label

International patent no: WO 2013 / 016461 A1

Applicant: Accudial Pharmaceutical Inc., Palm Beach Gardens (US)

Application date: 25-7-2012

In order to simplify dispensing and ensure that a medication is taken correctly a multiple layer, rotating label arrangement is proposed. Matching printing and a window produce a kind of “slide rule“ that acts as a user-friendly aid to the consumer.


Container with two openings

International patent no: WO 2013 / 0133310 A1

Applicant: Ruby Osten, Toronto (CA)

Application date: 27-7-2012

Plastic container with two openings that can be installed at a wide range of points on the container. This enables the pouring behaviour and the remainder of the contents to be removed.

Two component closure

Disclosure no.: DE 202010017831 U1

Applicant: Obrist Closures Switzerland GmbH, Reinach (CH)

Application date: 3-3-2010

Two-section closure for a fluid container. The sections of the closure are manufactured separately and then joined. In this way the parts can be designed and fabricated “better“ and “with greater precision“ for their job.

Multi-layer cover

Disclosure no: DE 202012103606 U1

Applicant: Constantia Teich GmbH, Weinburg (AT)

Application date: 20-9-2012

Covers for a tub consisting of a number of layers – for the purpose of, for example, transmitting consumer information by lifting a flap. In order to ensure unmixed disposal / waste separation it must be possible to separate the layers. This job is made easier by offset tabs.

Closure in side tab

European patent no: EP 2535287 A1

Applicant: Mondi AG, Vienna (AT)

Application date: 14-6-2011

Structure and process for manufacturing a pouch package with a re-closure facility in the side fold. Re-closure is via a Velcro strip.

Improved pouring

International patent no: WO 2011 / 098360 A1

Applicant: Goglio S.P.A., Milan (IT)

Application date: 27-1-2011

A stand-up pouch package is fitted on the top side with specially positioned sealing seams aimed at improving the handling of the pouch when taking hold of and pouring from it.


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