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Clever pouch for sliced ham

Food manufacturer Herta (part of Nestlé) is offering as part of its range in France an easy to open pack for its smoked ham slices. The 150g matt printed pouch is a type of side fold pouch in which, by pressing and rotating the pack appropriately, the side folds become the base and top surface. The pouch is opened by pulling the front and back sections apart. A corresponding perforation and marking of the material help to ensure that a straight tear forms on opening. A transparent, non-printed window at the rear gives a direct view of the product.

Cookies in pouch packaging

The French bakery products manufacturer Michel et Augustin is packing its Petit Cookies – small biscuits with chocolate and nougat – in a stand-alone bottle made from a matt printed composite material reminiscent of a paper bag, in terms of its haptics and appearance. The pouch, which is filled with 160g of cookies, incorporates deep side folds and has an ingenious folded base. Both together give it its unique appearance at the PoS in that, viewed from the side, it appears to be a triangle. The company philosophy and the product information are imparted in an amusing manner.

Actimel for younger consumers

Actimel from Danone has been an established force in the market for yogurt drinks for adults for years. To grow the brand, Actimel is endeavouring to introduce children to the product too. To this end a new bottle with a content of 100g has been designed, the sleeve label of which lends form and appearance to fantasy figures. A corresponding internet page especially for younger customers and featuring games and information is supporting the introduction. The waisted HDPE bottle is easy to grasp and is filled with Actimel in vanilla or strawberry-and-banana flavours. In each case there are eight bottles collected up in a printed cardboard pack to form a single sales unit. The individual bottles are closed by means of the familiar sealing membrane complete with a tab.

Cheese cubes with dip

By way of a stylish alternative snack, Grünländer is advertising its cheese cubes with Löwensenf mustard dip. 85g of mild, nutty-flavoured cheese in cube form, 40g of dip on a Löwensenf mustard base and a handy prodder for immediate consumption are packaged in an individual thermoformed dish. The three variants on offer can be distinguished from one another by the taste of the mustard – Löwensenf with fruits of the forest, grape or peach. The dish is closed by means of a peel-off sealing membrane which is easy to grasp and pull back by means of a handy tab. The products, which are free of gene technology and lactose, come without any artificial additives or preservatives.

Cheese in spaghetti format

The story of Cheestring in Germany began in 2011 with the introduction of Cheestrings Original as the first cheese snack specially for children. Recently the snack has been available in spaghetti format. Four spaghetti nests are packaged in interconnected, square pouch packs that can be easily separated from one another. The pouches are opened by exerting pressure on them, doing this results in a sealing seam giving way with a “pop” sound. One pouch contains 17g of the cheese which is rich in calcium. The four pouches appear at the PoS packed in a foil pouch with a design typical of the brand and with matt printing on the pouch.

Pizza for the microwave

One disadvantage of preparing a pizza in the microwave is the less than optimum effect and/or distribution of the heat deployed by way of the microwaves. The French foodstuffs manufacturer Sodebo has instead optimised its packaging for pizza displayed on the refrigerated display case in terms of its size and design. The moulded packaging for a 200g slice of pizza consists of a plastic dish which is placed as it is in the microwave for 2min and 30s. The top is closed by means of a section of cardboard with a sealing membrane located underneath it. Underneath the pizza there is a piece of coated insert cardboard which “captures” the microwaves and heats the pizza from below and ensures a crispy pizza base. A tab on this cardboard helps with removal from the dish.

Room fragrance from Nigrin

Nigrin is marketing its adjustable fragrance dispenser for car, office or at home in an unusually moulded blister pack with a cardboard insert. At the PoS light from above penetrates the packaging and the product is readily visible. There is a cardboard dot with a test fragrance mounted on the blister which, when rubbed with the finger, gives off fragrance. By means of a clip (enclosed) the dispenser can be secured to the ventilator grille in the car. There is a membrane that needs to be removed prior to initial use and there are lateral slide controls to determine the intensity of the fragrance.

Room fragrance with filter

ReckittBenckiser is marketing, under the brand name “Air Wick”, a room air freshener with an active carbon filter. This variant is particularly suitable for drivers who are also smokers. An enclosed clip is used to secure the product in position upstream of the air vent, where, once a card has been removed, it filters and refreshes the air for a period of up to 60 days. The product is packaged in a multi-section blister pack with cardboard secondary packaging and a fragrance sticker attached for fragrance sampling purposes. The back of the blister is so designed that the product can be presented in a stand-alone position at the PoS.

Dummy in a blister

In a promotional campaign the Nürnberg Gummi Babyartikel (“Nuremberg Rubber Baby Products”) are selling their dental dummy together with a box to keep it in under the brand name “Miss Denti”. The ergonomically shaped dummy is intended to prevent any malpositioning of the teeth or the jawbone. By way of packaging a blister pack with two indentations has been chosen which, in turn, has been placed in cardboard packaging incorporating feet to stand on which comes to a point at the top and complete with Euro-punching. The blister section which holds the dummy is levelled off so as to make the shape of the dummy easier to see.

Moulded blister pack for meringue kisses

Storck has brought out, as a limited edition, eight meringue kisses flavoured with hazelnut and coated in noisette milk chocolate for sale through retail outlets. The sweets, in the shape of hazelnuts and weighing 210g, have been packaged in a folding blister pack approximately 40cm long. The package has been so designed as to give the appearance and the shape of a nutcracker in interaction with the printed secondary packaging made from cardboard.

Packaging for in-ear headset

Under its own brand name “korrekt”, the German discounter Globus is marketing an in-ear headset with three pairs of silicone pads in a blister pack that can only be opened using a tool. The product is presented in the spherical middle section so as to be readily visible, with the cable and an enclosed bag being accommodated in separate chambers. Printed cardboard inserts are placed in the two segments to act as vehicles for transmitting the necessary retail information.

Folding container

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 117748 A1

Applicant: Leifheit AG, Nassau, Germany

Date of Application: 8-2-2013

Container with side walls that can be modified to such an extent by folding that the volume of the container can be changed for storage in a cupboard or to accommodate product. The advantage of this design is that the container can be sealed by means of a matching lid to accommodate different circumstances.

Neat slide-in opening    

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 115833 A1

Applicant: Ampac Holdings LLC, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Date of Application: 9-4-2012

A multi-position pouch pack features a user-friendly design for a drinking straw in the area of the opening where the slide is inserted. A (previously weakened) tab can be flipped open and the drinking straw then simply inserted. The area of the slide-in opening is protected against contamination during transport and storage.

Variable foodstuffs container

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 114078 A1

Applicant: Team Grasshopper Ltd, Guildford, UK

Date of Application: 23-1-2013

There are foodstuffs that are packed in dried or dehydrated condition and which, for consumption, are saturated with water or are subject to other forms of preparation. The container specified is designed in the side area to resemble a concertina and can be “extended” by the consumer.

Leakproof double pouch

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 124201 A1

Applicant: Cryovac Inc, Duncan, OK, USA

Date of Application: 14-2-2013

The application relates to a pouch pack with improved storage capability. The pouch is of bag-in-bag design and has two lateral chambers filled with an inert gas so as to protect any micro-perforations or de-laminations that may come about in the area of the side seams and to protect the product from deterioration.

Floating packaging for mobile

Disclosure No: DE 102012022027 A1

Applicant: Dicapac Co Ltd, Gangwon, South Korea

Date of Application: 12-11-2012

The disclosure relates to a portable water-resistant pack in which a mobile telephone can be placed so as to protect it against spray/water. The packaging presented features an air cushion that prevents any “submersion” and loss of the mobile.

Two-chamber container              

European Patent No: EP 2620383 A1

Applicant: Inge SpA, Garbagnate Milanese, Italy

Date of Application: 28-12-2012

Two fluids are accommodated separately from one another in a container. Not until shortly before use are the products mixed by compressing the container and subsequently dispensed via a common discharge opening. When pressure is exerted an internal plug is displaced from its position.

Cartridge with dispenser

European Patent No: EP 2620384 A1

Applicant: Poly-clip System GmbH & Co, KG, Hattersheim, Germany

Date of Application: 27-1-2012

A flexible tube bag packaging for a free-flowing material is closed at one end with a discharge device incorporating Euro-punching. It is opened by removing a segment, functions as a dispenser tip and can be re-sealed even if it has not been completely emptied.

Container losure 

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 120617 A2

Applicant: Pöppelmann Holding GmbH & Co KG, Lohne, Germany

Date of Application: 14-2-2013

The lid, complete with hinge function, which is placed on a round container for oblong sweets incorporates a tamper-evident closure that, after opening, remains connected to the container so as to prevent its being detached from the container and swallowed, particularly by children. The tamper-proof state of the container is also easily visible in plan view.

Closure with rotating inhibitor

European Award of Patent No: EP 2240379 B1

Applicant: Closures Systems International Inc, Crawfordsville, IN, USA

Date of Application: 26-11-2008

This European Award of Patent describes a screw closure for a container under pressure. The closure is fitted with an improved rotating inhibitor, any over-pressure is reduced without danger and the force required for opening is “normal”.

Display packaging          

European Award of Patent No: EP 2408687 B1

Applicant: Colgate-Palmolive Comp, New York, NJ, USA

Date of Application: 16-3-2010

Structure and design of a blister-type display pack for four toothbrushes is described. Two brushes can be positioned upside-down and for space-saving storage can be folded down against the back of the blister. Each brush is individually sealed and can be removed individually.

Spray duct with focus

International Patent No: WO 2013 / 111727 A1

Applicant: Lion Corp, Tokyo, Japan

Date of Application: 22-1-2013

The discharge ducts of a tube closure are designed so that the individual product flows meet at a point outside the tube and thus deliver an optimum spray result.


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