Packaging critical to survive on Antarctic ice


Global packaging supplier Amcor announced its sponsorship of the 2013 Willis Resilience Expedition, providing state-of-the-art packaging used by teenage explorer and climate campaigner Parker Liautaud on his quest to break world records while trekking from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole. Nineteen year old Parker is attempting to create two world records including becoming the fastest and the youngest person to make the journey. During the expedition, Parker will also be conducting environmental research on the impact of climate change.

Amcor will provide the packaging that will be used by Parker to store and protect food. The specially designed packaging uses the company’s Duratear technology, that offers many superior physical properties compared to ordinary plastic packaging. Typically used for medical kits, Duratear enables to create a super tough bag that will stay flexible in sub-zero temperatures, won’t split on high impact and will withstand all the rigours of the 640km (397 mile) trek.

According to Parker Liautaud, innovative packaging is critical to his survival on the ice. “On previous expeditions, we’ve used plastic bags which are basically designed for school lunch boxes. Trekking through extreme wind and cold, while constantly hungry, it’s truly a depressing moment to watch your food bag split open and cashews spill everywhere.”

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