Thermoformers for medical and pharmaceutical packaging


Multivac supplies the worldwide medical products industry with its packaging solutions. One of the recently developed systems of the company’s range in this sector is a packaging solution, which enables large and small batch sizes of sensitive or sterile products to be packed fully automatically.

Quick format changes are accomplished with Multivac’s drawer system. (photos: Multivac)

Frequent and reproducible format change 

Multivac’s Clean Design thermoforming packaging machine has been geared to meet the special requirements of packing sterile medical and pharmaceutical goods. It is designed in such a way that the packaging process can be carried out in compliance with GMP.

In the thermoforming packaging machine the areas for the packaging process and the machine technology are separated from each other. The installed units for the machine technology have been moved from the interior of the machine to the rear.

The aim of the design in Multivac’s Clean Design is maximum process visibility and the avoidance of cross contamination.

The company’s ‘drawer’ system on which the machine is based is designed for the requirements of frequent, reproducible and rapid format changes, for example, for the changing of forming and sealing dies. After the side panel has been opened, two runner rails are fitted, on which the die bottom section is pulled out of the packaging machine – just as with a drawer. Locking and unlocking of the die parts, as well as of all the connections, is done automatically.

The system is also designed in such a way, that the format change is performed without any tools, and that the danger of any damage to the machine and die is minimised. Sources of errors are also eliminated as far as possible, so that the die change can also be performed by less qualified operators. Only one person is required to carry out the change. The use of a drawer system is particularly suitable for those cases where the cut-off length of the different dies stays the same, which means that only the die bottom section has to be changed.

The ‘drawer’ system, has also been extended to the tools of the cutting system. This means that according to Multivac, its machinery is able to achieve a high level of flexibility with varying batch sizes. “Medical products are being packed in ever smaller batch sizes today in order to fulfil regional or other specific requirements. For this reason, the producing companies set very high requirements for a quick format change, reliable line clearance and intelligent automation technologies for loading and unloading. We have optimised our packaging solutions for the medical industry to these requirements,” says Luc van de Vel, Senior Manager of the Business Division of Medical Devices, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals (MCP).

Multivac’s Clean design thermoformers for medical and pharmaceutical packaging


When it comes to automation technology, Multivac offers a solution which can be integrated in the machinery described above. Rejected packs can be automatically separated and ejected into a container. The finished packs can be removed directly out of the cutting tool and placed into cardboard boxes. The company offers a wide range of handling modules for these requirements. The line-motion control is carried out via Multivac’s HMI 2.0 user interface and is largely self-explanatory. The sensor technology of the machines is highly sensitive. It features a track-and-trace function, hence marking requirements of individual countries can be fulfilled.

About Multivac:

Multivac is a global supplier of packaging solutions: the company offers thermoforming packaging machines and manufactures a comprehensive range of traysealers, vacuum chamber machines, chamber conveyor machines, labellers, quality control systems, automation solutions and even ready-to-use lines. The Multivac group has approximately 3,700 employees worldwide, with about 1,400 based at the headquarters in Wolfertschwenden, Germany. With more than 65 subsidiaries and over 900 consultants and service technicians the Group is represented on all continents.

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