Latest trends in IML: from Metallic to DoubleSided


Visitors of the #Fakuma exhibition are given the opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in IML (In Mould Labelling), incl. Metallic and DoubleSided IML. The company Verstraete in mould labels, based in Belgium, is one of the market leaders in IML label production and presents the latest developments at 4 different booths. IML specialists are also present for discussions.

BMS: Hall A4, booth 4105
Italian machine producer BMB demonstrates a 200g rectangular tub with orange peel label. The robot is produced by Campetella and the mould by SCS.

Brink Moulds and Automation: Hall A7, booth 7202
Brink Moulds and Automation will present a 1L oval container together with Stork. The container will be decorated with a glossy wrap around label and an orange peel bottom label.

Roboplas: Hall A6, booth 6416
Standard and metallic IML will be shown on the booth of Roboplas. The Arburg machine will produce a 1L container in cooperation with mould maker Erkoc Plastic. A metallic IML label gives the packaging a premium metallic look by the use of cold foil. The product distinguishes itself on shelf by using this innovative IML label, taking the benefits of plastic while keeping the metal look.

Ilsemann Automation: Hall A7, booth 7404
Ilsemann Automation, based in Germany, will present a 125g round cup in cooperation with machine producer BMB. The IML label with metallic look will give this cup an extra dimension.

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