Closure molder improves color distribution and saves $100,000 annually

  • Patented pelletized colorant ensures well-dispersed color
  • Significant cost reduction in cap and closures applications
  • Case studies

Molding caps and closures to meet customers’ demands is challenging. In addition, major brands demand that the color of the product must be an exact match every time. Continually meeting such exacting brand retail shelf expectations is nearly impossible. For example, one closure manufacturer for large brands needed to lower overall cost while still maintaining a consistent color for every part. After exploring several options, the manufacturer selected G2 from Carolina Color.

Patented pelletized colorant ensures well-dispersed color

In 2008, Carolina Color patented G2, a completely new kind of product in which pigments and additives are highly loaded, well dispersed, and effectively distributed in both large and small parts. Most packaging manufacturers see up to 30% cost-to-color reduction, along with letdown rates matching or exceeding liquid colors.

Case studies

Red peanut butter closure

  • Lowered use rate from 4% to 0.65%
  • Generated approximate savings of $100,000 annually
  • Improved color distribution even with the substantially lower use rate
closure red

Red peanut butter closure

Stock blue color (used across various applications):

  • Lowered use rate from 5% to 2.2%
  • Estimated cost savings of 10 to 15%
closure blue

Stock blue color (used across various applications)

Protein powder supplement green closure application

  • Lowered the use rate from 4.5% to 2.2%
  • Improved color distribution on a translucent lid (even with the process improvements noted below)
  • Enabled the customer to eliminate the use of a special mixing nozzle that had been required to achieve acceptable quality using the incumbent color
  • Enabled the customer to run the part under normal processing parameters as opposed to the special adjustments that had been required on the incumbent color.
closure green

Protein powder supplement green closure


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