Suture anchor made of PEEK


IST Innovative Shoulder Technology AG and Argomedical AG have developed a knot-free Plug-n-Twist suture anchor that uses PEEK for the first time. Plug-n-Twist anchors are impact anchors for the second row in minimally-invasive arthroscopic sutures on the shoulder’s rotator cuff. The employed material is Vestakeep PEEK from Evonik Industries

In addition to a titanium version, the anchor is now also available in the same product design in a version made of PEEK, a non-resorbable plastic. The use of the new anchor does not require any changes to intraoperative procedures. The long suture threads of the first medical anchor row are pulled through the eyelet in the tip of the Plug-n-Twist anchor and are then fixed in place using the anchor’s pressure against the bone. In the so-called interference procedure, the suture threads used for repairing the defect are tightly fitted between bone and anchor for a permanent press fit. Due to the rounded tip of the implant, there is significantly less soft tissue irritation when the anchor is inserted in the shoulder. The new design of the Plug-n-Twist anchor allows it to be easily inserted and, if necessary, removed by means of unscrewing.

The new suture anchor made of PEEK (photo: Evonik)

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