HIPS alternative: copolyester for medical applications


Eastman Chemical Company has launched a new copolyester for medical applications. The Eastalite material is an alternative to high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) for opaque rigid medical packaging and suited for applications such as work-in-progress trays, thermoformed pharmaceutical packaging and packaging for economical medical devices or kits.

According to the company, thermoforming Eastalite into rigid trays can reduce processing and inspection time, waste and cleaning, as well as processing costs. The material can also provide higher tear strength, as alternative materials are brittle and crack-susceptible. Products can be designed with deep undercuts, resulting in better hinge life and less stress whitening than packaging molded from HIPS. In addition, irradiation can discolor packaging made with HIPS and cause physical property deterioration. Eastalite retains color stability and functional integrity following sterilization by EtO, gamma, e-beam or gas plasma.


Eastman Eastalite copolyester used for medical trays (photo: Eastman Chemical Company)

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