Color-neutral electrically conductive compounds

The Grafe Polymer Technik, specialized in the modification of thermoplastics for electrically conductive carbon black composites, will present several new developments at this years #Fakuma, including:

  • Color-neutral electrically conductive compounds: the new Colorstat PO and PA Soft makes it possible to produce color-specific polyolefin and polyamide-based technical soft parts
  • PP EC types: more efficient PP EC types with improved flow properties which are suited for electrically conductive pipette tips in medical and analytical technology and for thin-walled components
  • Low emission carbon black compounds: many polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAC) have been proven to be carcinogenic and are absorbed through skin contact, food or by breathing affected air. Standardized testing procedures in accordance with the GS certification have been introduced to evaluate the danger of PAC to consumers. A binding EU regulation (1272/2013) limiting the maximum PAC concentration in many products to 1mg/kg will be in effect from December 2015. To address this regulation, the company has adjusted the ingredients of the formulation in order to produce electrically conductive compounds with reduced PAC.

Other product developments include new types of electrically conductive PS, ABS, SBC as well as type improvements in PPL3 and PPL6 quality. In addition, the mechanical properties of the polypropylene and ABS-based colored conductive materials of the Colorstat range have been improved and the range of possible colors expanded.


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