RTP Company offers alternative to shortage of PEI polymer

  • Company addresses global shortage of polyetherimide
  • Amorphous materials based on sulfone and semicrystalline materials
  • Webinar “Alternatives to PEI and PEI Compounds”

RTP Company addresses the global shortage of polyetherimide (“PEI”) by offering a number of thermoplastic compounds that serve as viable alternatives. These compounds include amorphous materials based on sulfone or semicrystalline materials that have been modified, alloyed, and/or reinforced to achieve very similar physical properties to PEI.

Molders have been forced to manage risks such as long lead times and supply disruptions

The company can customize and fine-tune these compounds to meet specific application requirements including offering compounds in custom colors. “Since the supply of PEI has tightened, molders and OEMs have been forced to manage risks such as long lead times and supply disruptions,” explains Matt Torosian, RTP Company Product Manager of High Temperature Materials. “RTP Company has created a range of compounds with similar characteristics to PEI that are not dependent on a single supplier of base resin.”

Company provides on-site technical service and CAE support

Because PEI has very good dimensional stability, chemical resistance, strength, stiffness, inherent flame retardancy and creep resistance, selecting a replacement requires a thorough understanding of the application requirements. Once these requirements have been identified, RTP Company can recommend compounds that fit the requirements. To support transition to a new material RTP Company provides on-site technical service and CAE support including mold flow analysis, FEA and fiber orientation analysis.

The company is also hosting a webinar entitled “Alternatives to PEI and PEI Compounds” on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 10:00am CST to discuss these options. A recorded version will be available after the live session.

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