evoPOWER football boot features Pebax elastomer

Arkema’s Pebax elastomer is an integral part of the latest evoPOWER football boot from the global sports brand Puma. The boot is used by many Puma-sponsored players at the 2014 FIFA World CupTM in Brazil.

Two key components of the boot has been designed around Pebax elastomer: the outer sole plate is made of this material as it is light weight and features a high grade of sturdiness. It delivers optimal responsiveness of the shoe to the player’s movements, while ensuring improved ball control as well as better adherence to the ground thanks to its flexibility. The boot also uses a foam made from this elastomer for the padding of raised areas and the reinforcing strips on the shoe’s upper part. This foam is three times lighter than the traditional ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, for similar cushioning properties. These reinforcing strips provide both flexibility and comfort.
Puma's evoPOWER football boot features Pebax elastomer (picture: Puma)

Puma’s evoPOWER football boot features Pebax elastomer (picture: Puma)

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