bevel gears made from polyketone

Polyketone allows production of wear-resistant gears with high accuracy

  • Aliphatic polyketone for low-wear bevel and cylindrical gears
  • High abrasion resistance and very good tribological properties
  • Advantages over PA and POM

Chemical resistance, very good wear breakage, toughness on impact loading, and high abrasion resistance are the main properties of aliphatic polyketone compounds, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including drive components.

Aliphatic polyketone for low-wear bevel and cylindrical gears

The properties of polyketone allowed German company Zipperle Antriebstechnik to add an additional series of highly wear-resistant gears for the machine building and precision mechanics industries. Standard and customs-made parts are produced in various geometries with extremely high accuracy. To complete its product range, the company have opted to manufacture drive components from Akrotek PK, an aliphatic polyketone from Akro-Plastic.

High abrasion resistance and very good tribological properties

Polyamides (PA) and polyacetal (POM) are currently the established materials for thermoplastic gears. The addition of Akrotek PK polyketone provides a gear material that demonstrates advantages over PA and POM, thereby expanding the list of potential applications for various gears.

“Its exceptionally high abrasion resistance and very good tribological properties make gears manufactured of polyketone suitable for significantly higher power transmissions than the gear materials typically used.”, says Hans Zipperle, Managing Director of Zipperle Antriebstechnik.

Advantages over PA and POM

Cylindrical gears and bevel gears made of polyketone have meanwhile undergone extensive testing by Hans Zipperle Antriebstechnik on test rigs developed in-house. This included wear testing conducted on similar gear pairs using a bevel-gear system. The tests demonstrated that the service life of Akrotek PK bevel gears can be extended significantly. Whereas POM and PA bevel gears show extreme signs of wear, polyketone bevel gears remained virtually wear-free following the same test period, thereby increasing the service life of the gearboxes and decreasing downtime for repair and maintenance work.

Akro Plastic  Load comparison of PK, POM, POM TF and PA 6.6

“Polyketone has become our go-to material for use in the gear sector and provides a superb alternative in our material profile”, Hans Zipperle sums it up.

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