Nexam Chemical introduces multifunctional additive

  • Chain extender, crosslinker, compatibilizer & acid scavenger
  • Application: manufacture of virgin polymer blends, engineering plastics & recycling of mixed plastics

Nexam Chemical introduces a new multifunctional additive with intended use as chain extender and crosslinker. Nexamite PBO is also an effective compatibilizer and acid scavenger in the manufacture of virgin polymer blends, engineering plastics and recycling of mixed plastics.

According to the company, the Nexamite PBO technology improves melt viscosity, hydrolytic stability and heat resistance, which is useful in a variety of industries. The chemical, physical and mechanical properties, along with the ease of formulating better performing materials provides opportunities to use the additive in a wide range of plastic materials, including low viscosity polymers, and manufacturing processes.

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