Liquid colouring system closes gap between metal containers and classic buckets

  • Resource-friendly handling of liquid colours
  • “Over top” colour extraction for improved colouration
  • Container can be emptied to 99%

Liquid colours are on the rise. As an alternative to colour masterbatches, the markets in Europe for liquid colours and low-melting microbatches show a positive development. Reason enough for the company Novosystems to launch a new “Over top” colour extraction system for liquid colours at the #Fakuma 2015.

“Over top“ system closes gap between metal containers and classic buckets with lance feed system

The “Over top“ colour extraction system closes the gap between metal container solutions and classic buckets with a lance feed system. It is an interesting new option both for colour feed and also for storage and logistics. For plastics manufacturers new to liquid colours, “Over top“ is also very practical, according to the company.

liquid dosing system

Liquid dosing system of the Over top-Cubitainer picked-up on a plastic processing machine (source: Novosystems)

Container can be emptied to 99%

As the name Cubitainer suggests, it comes in the shape of a cube. The container can quickly and easily be placed on an extruder, a PUR machine or an injection-moulding machine. This means that a classic lance solution such as bucket or metal container is no longer required. This is very effective: a gravity feeding Cubitainer with a PE bladder in a cardboard box placed on the machine can be emptied to 99%. The container, valve cap, PE bladder and cardboard can be disposed of as ordinary garbage. From a logistics perspective, the Cubitainer is an alternative to metal containers or buckets: its square shape makes it extremely practical and easily stackable on pallets.

Cubitainer with adapter, coupling and peristaltic dosing pump

Cubitainer with adapter, coupling and peristaltic dosing pump (source: Novosystems)

Expensive tubing only needed in working area of peristaltic dosing pump

The Cubitainer enables the use of shorter lengths of the expensive tubing in the feed system. This special tubing is only needed in the working area of the peristaltic dosing pump. The tubing is connected by means of adapters. The company offers Cubitainers for liquid colour amounts ranging from 5 to 22 kg. A Cubitainer set comprises a cardboard box with a PE bladder, extraction valve, adapter and standard basic tube.

Cubitainer for liquid colours

Cubitainer: square shape is extremely practical and easily stackable on pallets (source: Novosystems)

Market tendencies in colouration

Rainer Hoop, Managing Director of Novosystems, predicts further market potential in the future: “while in the USA liquid colours play a bigger role with a market share of some 40%, the market share in Europe is still comparably low. What was an exotic solution in Europe some 10 or 15 years ago is met with a lot more interest today, because word has got around that liquid colours or microgranulates offer some clear benefits compared to classic masterbatch solutions.”


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