‘Wolfpack’ takes Berlin Packaging to next level

  • Unique business model: ‘one call does it all’ supplier
  • Annual revenues approaching $900 million
  • Expansion of sales force by 40%

Berlin Packaging announced a significant hiring initiative that will add 100 employees to existing offices in 25 metropolitan areas in the U.S. by the end of 2015. Half of the new hires will be sales consultants, increasing the company’s current 120-person sales force by 40%. The company is a full-service supplier of packaging solutions made from plastic, glass, and metal, including bottles/jars, pails/drums, closures, dispensing systems, tubes, pouches and thermoforming trays.

Focus on $50 billion U.S. rigid packaging market

The initiative marks the company’s fourth and largest mass hiring program in the last five years. It is targeted to take advantage of major opportunities in the $50 billion U.S. rigid packaging market by leveraging the unique business model that has built the company into a ‘one call does it all’ supplier with annual revenues approaching $900 million. That includes revenue growth over the past decade that is eight times higher than the overall packaging market and organic growth that is more than four times that of the market.

Oak Hill Capital Partners acquired a majority in October

The company’s performance also led Oak Hill Capital Partners to acquire a majority stake in Berlin Packaging in October for $1.43 billion. Oak Hill invested in partnership with Berlin Packaging’s management team to help drive the next stage of the company’s growth.

‘Wolfpack’ hiring process takes company to next level

The company started hiring new personnel en masse in 2009 to accelerate growth and increase market share. This recruitment strategy, which the company calls ‘Wolfpack’, has already almost doubled the size of the sales force in five years. “This new Wolfpack will take us to the next level,” noted Rick Brandt, Executive Vice President of Sales. Hiring has already begun and will continue through 2015. Once this new group of employees has been hired and trained, the company expects to launch a follow-on initiative to hire even more employees.

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