Analysis of the global plastic film market


Films are one of the most important sectors in the plastics industry. According to a new Market Analysis of Ceresana, the global demand for plastic films is expected to increase to approx. 71 million tonnes until 2020.

There are distinct regional differences in demand development for plastic films. A notable discrepancy between saturated industrial markets and emerging countries in Asia-Pacific, South America and the Middle East, for instance, exist. An enormous growth potential is offered by China and India, which account for about a third of the global plastic films market when taken together.

Divergent development can also be observed in regard to the material the films are made of. Films based on polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE) accounted for 73% and thus by far largest share of the plastic films market. However, BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) and PET films have been gaining market shares due to their being used for high-quality packaging and are developing at high growth rates.

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