Vertical all-electric IMM features fastest 2-station rotary table

  • Vertical all-electric IMM with 2-station rotary table
  • Horizontal all-electric IMM
  • Niigata to present two new all-electric injection presses at #NPE2015

Niigata introduced the world’s first all-electric vertical IMM in 1996. Now the company will showcase its latest all-electric models at the upcoming #NPE2015.

Vertical all-electric IMM with 2-station rotary table

The new MDVR110S7000 IMM features a wider table than standard verticals, allowing larger molds to be placed on the platen. The machine has a mold size capacity of 500mm x 500mm (33.64” x 33.64”). While many vertical machines have high table heights, forcing the customer to build a work platform around the machine, the Niigata patented vertical toggle system allows lowering the table height on this 110-ton model to just 1,040 mm (3.4 feet) from the ground, including leveling pads. Another feature is the fast table rotation of under 1 second.

With a 2-station machine running separate “A” and “B” mold halves, a molder can often encounter problems with differences in mold halves causing part variations. With the Niigata vertical, two completely independent injection profiles can be set for the “A” and “B” halves, allowing the molder to finish the job without making expensive and time consuming mold repairs or adjustments.

The machine also features an ultra low-speed capability of just .01 mm/sec injection speed. Ultra low-speed injection can be beneficial in molding thicker walled insert jobs.

The MDVR110S7000 injection molding machine

The MDVR110S7000 injection molding machine

Horizontal all-electric IMM

The MD110S7000 horizontal all-electric IMM features one of the industry’s shortest footprint, but heaviest overall weight to provide superior machine durability. The elimination of moving platen’s lower side tie bar bushings improve the cleanliness of the part drop area. The addition of an FDA-approved grease supply system allows medical cleanroom and food grade applications. The company’s standard high nozzle touch force, similar to that of the hydraulic machines, can now be dialed down when the application allows, to promote longer sprue bushing life. Fully automatic and adjustable mold clamping force is continuously monitored by tie bar sensors.

The company will also run an all-electric IMM of the MD385W6000 series, Niigata’s “workhorse machine”, which will produce drink cups in combination with IML (In-Mold Labeling) system manufactured by Campetella of Italy.


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