Top5-free Apps for Injection Molders


Scientific Molding

Category: Productivity
Provider: FIMMTECH Inc.
Available for: Android
Developed for Plastic Injection Molding, the users can Generate Scientific Molding Graphs, Perform Molding Calculations and keep their knowledge up to date with the Learning Center.

Quadrant Plastics Selector

Category: Raw Materials
Provider: Automation Creations, Inc.
Available for: Android
This app delivers a simple to use material selector tool for advanced plastics, polymers, composites, and thermoplastics. Properties such as temperature ranges, stress, regulatory compliance, chemical environment, structural, and bearing uses are matched to project parameters within seconds.

PSG-App Hot Runner

Category: Processing, Tooling
Provider: PSG Plastic Service GmbH
Available for: Apple iOS, Android
The App provides information and possible remedies with regard to the most frequently seen injection moulding problems.

i-Moulder Plastic Molding Info

Category: Raw Material, Processing
Provider: Imtech Design Ltd.
Available for: Apple iOS, Android
iMoulder contains a comprehensive materials database, solutions to common molding problems, general knowledge, calculations & industry unit conversions in a really handy stand alone package.

FRIMO Plastics Joining Configurator App

Category: Processing
Anbieter: FRIMO Technology GmbH
Available for: Android
The FRIMO Plastics Joining Configurator App helps to find out which plastic materials can be welded or riveted, and which processing technologies are the most suitable.

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