Strong as steel: Strongest injection mouldable plastic composite

  • Piper Plastics introduces Kyron Max series
  • Tensile strength: higher than steel (greater than 100,000 psi)
  • Weight: approx. 75% lighter than steel & 60% lighter than titanium

The company Piper Plastics has introduced the new Kyron Max thermoplastic composites which bridge the gap between components produced via standard injection moulding compounds and pre-preg lay-up composite materials. Parts can be injection moulded at high volumes with strengths that approach lay-up composite and even metals.

Reduced manufacturing costs compared to pre-preg lay-up

The new compounds consist of glass carbon and/or fibre reinforced PEEK and PPA, and, depending on the series, in addition PPS, PEI and PA. The ability to mould components in a high volume controlled process significantly reduces the manufacturing costs associated with pre-preg lay-up materials. In addition, the material features a better “practical toughness” due to lower filler loadings. The new kind of filler generates high mechanical performance with lower fiber content increasing the material’s strain, which allows the part to yield and not fracture.

High strength allows easy replication of original metal design

In general, even the strongest mouldable plastics cannot match the strength of metals so the metal part geometry must be altered and re-engineered to utilize plastic materials. This often involves adding more material volume of the plastic which can compromise the weight savings and cost reduction advantages of the conversion to plastics. The new polymers offer mechanical properties that sometimes meet or exceed those of metals. The resulting component design can more easily replicate the original metal design, minimizing the mass of plastics required while realizing all of the engineering benefits of the plastic materials. The product will be available in three performance levels allowing designers to select a cost versus performance option to match their needs.

Case Study: Moulded Screws

For years aerospace OEM’s have requested Piper Plastics develop an injection mouldable thermoplastic composite bolt that exhibits metal-like strength. These end users have been looking at plastic fasteners to replace traditional titanium metal fasteners for weight savings but were unable to find a polymer with enough mechanical performance or that was economically viable.

screw table part 1


screw table part2
Piper Plastics moulded one of the new Kyron Max thermoplastic polymers into a standard #10-32 bolt and was able to meet both the strength and the cost target requirements for the application while reducing the weight of the incumbent titanium bolt by approximately 60%.

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