Suction cups safely remove injection moulded parts


The new Varioflex suction cups of company Fipa GmbH are designed for applications where strong holding forces are required. The suction cups are made from a special polyurethane that combines two material hardnesses and are suitable to handle cardboard packaging, wood, concrete, and injection moulded parts with grained surfaces.

For instance, the Varioflex suction cups proved to be a suitable solution to meet the requirements of Tanne Kunststofftechnik, a long-standing supplier to the automobile industry. A very soft sealing lip (30° Shore) sits seamlessly onto dimensionally stable bellows (60° Shore), which prevent lateral bending. The highly flexible sealing lip offers high holding force, even on uneven surfaces, a feature that is particularly useful for grained surfaces. Previously, the company used standard suction cups. But the cups did not develop the necessary suction force when removing the injection moulded part from the mould undercut. The grained surfaces of the part caused micro-leakage and significantly reduced the suction force of the standard suction cups.

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