RocTool presents fast molding: foam & 3D laser texturing in one single step

  • Combination of heat/cool process, 3D laser texturing & foam
  • Fast molding of lightweight and thin-walled parts
  • RocTool at #Fakuma

For the first time, RocTool presents a combination of its heat & cool process with technologies from two major suppliers in the plastic injection field: GF Agie Charmilles with its 3D laser texturing method and Trexel’s MuCell and its microcellular foam technology. By combining these technologies, the injection molding process is reduced to a single step for mass production and further cost reductions. Combining these technologies in a single injection molding step meets the requirements of leading electronics, automotive, luxury cosmetic and consumer products industries, according to the company.

Central console car part with laser texturing (Source: RocTool)

Central console car part with laser texturing (Source: RocTool)

As an example, RocTool demonstrates the new technology on an Engel duo 2550/550 molding machine at the Engel stand at #Fakuma 2014. The produced PC-ABS center-console parts designed by RocTool will show high gloss/low gloss, superior fine structure reproduction, varying wall thicknesses, light weight and completely filled parts without defects such as sink marks and weld lines.


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