Partially bio-based PP compound for injection molding

  • FKuR extends portfolio to bio-based polypropylene
  • Based on 35 % of renewable resources
  • Processing characteristics comparable to fossil-based materials

Terralene PP 2509 is a new polypropylene compound from FKuR Kunststoff GmbH, Willich, Germany, partially based on renewable resources and optimized for injection molding applications.

Processing characteristics comparable to fossil-based materials

This compound expands the current Terralene portfolio which, to date, was limited to partially or fully bio-based polyethylene compounds. The processing and application characteristics of this material can be entirely compared to those of PP based on fossil materials. With a MFR230/2,16 of 42 to 47 g/10 min, Terralene PP 2509 offers a high flowability which is necessary e. g. for the production of complex components and products with long flow paths.

Carmen Michels, Managing Director at FKuR and responsible for technology and development comments: „In the market we perceive a strong demand for bio-based solutions also in the field of polypropylene, which were not available to date. In order to fill this gap, we have developed the versatile and easy to process grade PP 2509. It combines the positive features of conventional PP with the possibility of using renewable instead of fossil resources.“

Based on 35 % of renewable resources

Terralene PP 2509 is based on 35 % of renewable resources. This part (bio-based carbon content) can be easily verified with the help of the C-14 method according to ASTM D 6866 enabling a transparent communication of the renewable resource content to the end consumer. Manufacturers and brand owners now have new opportunities to produce their PP products in a partially bio-based version, occupy market niches and emphasize environmental commitment.

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