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Multi-cavity mould balancing module activeFlowBalance awarded

  • Demag receives award for activeFlowBalance
  • Considerable reduction of rejected parts (burr formation, under?lling)
  • Avoidance of mould damage through even & optimum pressure ratios

At Plastpol 2014, Demag Plastics Group SP z.o.o. was awarded with a gold medal for the activeFlowBalance technology module, which was integrated into an all-electric IntElect injection moulding machine. The high-tech module was chosen from a pool of products exhibited at the recent Plastpol trade show in Kielce, Poland, by an independent jury.

The activeFlowBalance module is designed to balance uneven movements of multi-cavity moulds. Negative effects such as burr formation, under-?lling and mould damage are avoided.The activeFlowBalance machine function makes use of the expansion of the compromised melt during the transition from injection to hold pressure, which leads to partially ?lled cavities being ?lled more through their lower counter-pressure. The ?ll levels balance out naturally and without extending the cycle time.

Picture: Demag Plastic Group’s activeFlowBalance machine function, which allows the reliable production of parts with challenging filling requirements, was awarded a gold medal at Plastpol 2014 (source: Sumitomo (SHI) Demag)

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