Engel supplies gas injection technology module to Haidlmair

  • Gas Injection Technology (GIT) retrofitted into existing machine
  • Leakage monitoring system integrated as a standard
  • Increasing demand for GIT applications

Engel Austria and Bauer Kompressoren have delivered a gas injection technology cell to Austrian Haidlmair, a mould maker specialized in moulds for drink crates, large containers and pallets. The three partner companies expect the new cell to strengthen their joint development work.

Bauer Kompressoren is Engel Austria’s exclusive partner in the field of gas injection technology (GIT). Under the name Engel gasmelt, the injection moulding machine manufacturer offers complete integrated solutions for injection moulding with gas injection technology. The project with Haidlmair also demonstrates that older systems can be easily upgraded. The new GIT module was integrated into a large existing Engel machine.

The gasmelt process and the individual gas feeds can be controlled and monitored via the injection moulding machine’s display. During mould trials, Haidlmair particularly benefits from the leakage monitoring system integrated as a standard in the Engel gasmelt cell. Especially in the case of large moulds with several gas injectors, being able to map the alarm messages to the control loop facilitates troubleshooting in the event of leakages and increase the availability of the system.

In general, with key patent protection rights for the gas injection technology having expired, the process is now being given a fresh boost. In view of the ever increasing cost pressure and the demand for more process stability, there is an increasing demand to employ gas injection technology, according to Engel Austria.


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