business card produced by inejction moulding

BOY: Lot sizes of only one piece in serial production

  • Moulding of thin-walled business cards
  • New differential injection technology
  • Part of Industry 4.0

The company BOY will show the moulding of thin-walled business cards with grid structures on a BOY 35 E injection moulding machine at the upcoming Fakuma. Visitors can become part of the Industry 4.0 project, when they place their business cards in a scanner. The data will be sent online to a laser printer. A newly-moulded plastic business card will be removed from the mould and then immediately printed with individualized information. Lot sizes of only one piece in serial production, one characteristic of Industry 4.0.

With this application, the new BOY differential injection technique will be demonstrated. It provides the operator with high flexibility as the injection moulding machine can be adjusted to the required part parameters by simply loading constant lists. Either fast injection moulding for thin-walled parts or very high injection pressures for difficult-to-fill part geometries can be realized.

In total, the company will present twelve injection moulding machines with clamping forces from 100 kN up to 1,000 kN, including:

  • Thin-wall moulding: railway frames are moulded on a BOY 100 E. After moulding of the parts, the preforms will be removed with the BOY SL 30 industrial robot and brought to a printing station where the train parts will be printed with a red longitudinal stripe.
  • Medical moulding: pipettes in a 32 cavity mould with a cycle time of less than 6 seconds are moulded on a BOY 60 E.
  • Marbling of parts: a BOY 25 E will demonstrate the reproducible marbling of plastic parts.
  • Overmoulding: adhesion modified PA ice scrapers will be over-moulded with a silicone lip on a BOY 25 E VV.

Picture: Thin-walled business cards that will be individually lasered on site (source: Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG)

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