BOY demonstrates medical moulding of ostheosynthesis plates

  • BOY XS injection moulding machine at recent EPHJ-EPMT-SMT fair
  • Machine also suitable for powdered metal (MIM) and powdered ceramic (CIM) filled materials

The company BOY has demonstrated the production of ostheosynthesis plates, which are used for the the treatment of bone fractures, on a BOY XS injection moulding machine at the recent EPHJ-EPMT-SMT medical technology fair in Geneva.

The BOY XS is designed for the production of very small and micro parts made from thermoplastics, powdered metal (MIM) and powdered ceramic (CIM) filled materials. A screw diameter of 12 mm and a plasticizing volume up to maximum 8,0 cm², makes the the machine very suitable for sprueless single-cavity injection moulding. With compact dimensions (0,77 m² footprint) and a clamping force of 100 kN, the BOY XS is the smallest machine from the BOY product range.

This machine model reflects the company’s manufacturing philosophy: to use single moulds and compact machines instead of large-sized, complicated and sensitive moulds. Also the concept of a mould with interchangeable inserts meets the philosophy: the mould base frames remain fixed in the machine, the cavity inserts can be exchanged within a very short time.



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